Toaster hunter or glory boy?

If you are a golfer with an official handicap you fit into one of 3 categories:

The glory boys who are competitive golfers and who like to be seen as good players to the extent that you sometimes give yourself putts in practice rounds which you would have to putt out in competition.  You sometimes don't put in bad scores.  This may lead to your handicap looking good, but you rarely contribute in team play and rarely win the individual net competitions.

Hopefully the majority of golfers who play, submit their scores and deal with what the computer calculates at the end of each month.

The toaster hunters who are ultra competitive but want to win as many competitions as possible.  The practice round scores are always higher than the competitive ones, and strangely you have higher scores on holes in competition when they are not needed  and are always in the prizes and your handicap never seems to come down.  Your handicap is significantly higher than the glory boys but not correctly so.

Where do you fit in?  If you are a glory boy or toaster hunter you are not being true to yourself and your fellow golfers.  Toaster hunters should be shot at dawn.

It is up to fellow competitors to police their buddies and other players.  it is up to individuals to make sure you make it a priority to score correctly as is determined by the SAGA.  Make sure you are up to date with how to correct scores for handicap purposes, and always enter these scores.