How HNA is trying to improve integrity of your handicap

Your Registered Round Percentage

The Golf RSA handicap system relies on a club’s handicap committee along with peer review as the most important ways to ensure the integrity of South African handicaps.

Some players 'conveniently' forget to record their better rounds, which is why the system relies on clubs to register all rounds (including nine holes) on the system before a golfer tees off.

The handicap system will, early in the new year, indicate how many of a golfer’s last 20 scores have been registered at the club before playing.

So, in future, everyone will be able to see what percentage of a player’s scores were registered at a club before or while playing. This percentage will only start being calculated on scores from the date that it is introduced. We hope that soon after the introduction most players will show 100%.

We have asked all clubs to register rounds on the system for all golfers, including visitors who have a South African handicap. All clubs in South Africa have the ability to do this. If clubs have a card reader connected to the terminal or to the club system, then this makes the process much quicker. If a golfer has forgotten his card, then they can look the golfer up on the system. This may take a minute or so, but can also be done by the club while the player is on the course, so as not to hold up other players trying to register their rounds.

Please remember to have a look at the new app that is available as a free download from the iTunes store for Apple products and from Google Play for Android phones and tablets, and remember that if you have a problem registering your phone app, then we are just a call away to assist you at 086 000 1945 or via email at

We hope you have a wonderful festive season of golfing and remember that if you play with someone while on holiday who has a great score, please make sure you check that they have entered the score on the system – all you need is their name and their club. That is what peer review is all about, and that, together with the club registering rounds on the system, will go a long way towards making sure we all have representative handicaps.

My question is " What about sponsored days where you don't go to the pro shop"?