Some answers to your handicap questions

Calculating your handicap

How is my handicap calculated?
The standard handicap calculation is based on 96% of the average of the 10 best differentials from the last 20 scores entered in your profile. Your differential is the difference between your Adjusted Gross Score (gross score adjusted for the maximum score on any hole) and the Standard Rating of the tee you played from.

How often is a new handicap calculated?
A handicap is recalculated overnight after every score that is submitted, so it could change daily. You therefore need to check your handicap on the terminal, internet or the HNA Handicap phone app before playing.

How is my handicap calculated if I have played fewer than 20 rounds?
If you are new to the system and have at least five but fewer than 20 scores in your profile, the number of differentials used for your handicap calculation will be determined as per the table in point 7.8 of the SAGA Handicap Manual, which can be found here.

I've played very badly of late. Why is my handicap still the same?
When trying to understand the movements in your handicap (or in this case, the lack thereof), you must remember that the system only uses your 10 best scores from the last 20, so unless a new bad score eliminates an older good score, your handicap won't change.

What is an exceptional score?
A score is flagged as exceptional when the differential is three or more strokes less (better) than the player’s handicap at the time the round was played.

How can an exceptional score affect my handicap?
Having a single exceptional score in your last 20 rounds will not have any impact on your handicap. However, should you score a second exceptional score within your 20 most recent scores, then the system will recalculate your handicap by using your best eight scores (instead of 10).

How long will this affect my handicap?
Your handicap will be calculated using the best eight differentials until there is only one exceptional score in your last 20 scores.
What score do I submit for a hole where I ring out?
The maximum score on a hole for handicap purposes is two over par, except where a player has two handicap strokes on a hole, in which case the maximum score allowed is three over par for that hole. So, for example, a 20-handicapper could submit a 3-over-par score on strokes 1 and 2, where he has two handicap strokes, but could only submit a 2-over-par score on the other holes.
If you are unsure of how to adjust the gross on each hole, you may enter the scores achieved on each hole using the 'Hole-by-Hole' scoring function available on the terminals, website and mobi apps/browsers. The system will then automatically adjust your actual score to the maximum allowed, using your handicap and the course scorecard stroke per hole, and calculate a total Adjusted Gross for the round.
Is there a time limit for the entering of scores?
All scores must be submitted within 72 hours of the completion of the round. The period of 72 hours is taken from 21h00 on the day of play to 21h00 three days later. Scores not returned during this period will result in a penalty score.