Spieth and the crew

9 details from this Barack Obama, Jordan Spieth & Stephen Curry golf photo you may have missed

On Monday, Jordan Spieth shared a star-studded golf photo that included former President Barack Obama, Stephen Curry and Under Armour founder and CEO, Kevin Plank. The important details like what were the teams and who won are missing. We're not even sure where this sixsome (did they go out in threes or play as a big group?) teed it up, although, we're guessing either Dallas National or Trinity Forest because Jordan plays there and the photo was given a Dallas, Texas location. Yes, we're quite the sleuths. Anyway, here's the cool photo:

And here are some other details we picked up from closely examining this picture:

1. There's not a Nike swoosh to be seen. Kevin Plank is no fool.

2. This is the only Stephen Curry highlight from the weekend that doesn't include him throwing a mouthguard.

3. Obama and Plank are the only two wearing pants. Old guy circulation problems, am I right?

4. Plank is the only one not wearing a hat. Dude is proud of his hair. As he should be.

5. Fellow Under Armour athlete Tom Brady asked a question in the comments section:

And none of the guys in the pic answered. Poor Tom. We want to know as well.

6. Tom Brady really, really likes to use a lot of punctuation marks.

7. Jordan Spieth really, really likes his putter.

8. Stephen Curry missed the memo about wearing white golf shoes.

9. Seth Curry, Steph's brother, missed a loop with his white belt.

And. . . we're done here. Actually, this isn't the first time this year that Spieth has hung out with a legendary crew. In July, the three-time major champ shared this photo from Cabo with Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Russell Wilson, Dwight Freeney and Fred Couples:

Turns out, being a wealthy and popular 24-year-old golf superstar doesn't suck.