New handicap card - Most members will not use it

HNA will be issuing a new handicap card this year.  Cathedral Peak Golf Club is suggesting that you save the planet and don't use the plastic. You actually don't need the card.  With the growing use and acceptance of phone apps most golfers realise that all you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID.  When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID.  At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

The majority of our members did not collect or request their cards to be sent 2 years ago when the last HNA cards were issued and have been operating blissfully without them.  We are suggesting you do the same.  Get yourself going with the app now (HNA Handicaps), so that when your current card stops working towards the end of the year, you can carry on without it.