Registered Round Percentage - Do you need a psychologist?

A lot of golfers are getting their nickers in a knot about the registered round percentage(RRP).  The concept of RRP is good and it was intended to encourage golfers to sign in the round at the course before they play.  This attempts to stop those golfers who have the mental problem of manipulating their handicap by entering scores when they don't actually play, and those that play but don't enter a score because it will affect their handicap.

On the 1st September the new handicap system kicks in.  If a golfer plays in any form of golf which requires a handicap, the golfer will have to register before the competition to find out what handicap they must play off.  This handicap will vary depending on which tees have been selected for the day and this affects lower and higher handicap golfers differently.  A higher handicap may get more shots on a difficult layout than a lower handicap golfer.  So this will only leave rounds where one does not need a handicap where the registering of rounds is a grey area.

There will always be those golfers who fit into the 3 categories.  The glory boy, the conformist, and the toaster hunter. 
1.  Glory boys put in scores lower than achieved so they can claim to be a '1 handicap', but they are of no use to anyone in team play because they never play to their handicap. 
2.  Conformist always put in their scores and their handicap is reflective of their form and talent. They win a prize now and again.
3.  Toaster hunters just can't help themselves and make sure they manipulate their handicaps by every possible means so that they are always on the podium.  Statistically this is obviously not possible due to how the handicap works.  If you are playing well your handicap goes down and one should go through a patch where you don't win.  You can't always play better than everyone else off your handicap.  These golfers who are on the podium a disproportionate percentage of the time are manipulating their handicap and the handicapper should just cut them until their percentages are realistic.

I suggest a psychologist if you do not fall in to the conformist definition.

HNA has made it quite simple to register your round.  You do not need your card and it is not biodegradable.  All you need is your player ID, or SA ID and you can register at the terminal or the pro shop  can register you when you pay.

Matthew Mayo