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April 2021
Dear Golfer,
With the introduction of the Competition Playing Handicap at most club competitions in the last month, we would like to remind you that you can easily obtain this from your HNA App, by selecting the Handicap Calculator. Scroll down for the step-by-step guide on how to do this.

We also review the maximum score that golfers can enter on each hole for handicap purposes (Net Double Bogey). 
You can use either the Competition Playing Handicaps conversion tables at your club or the HNA Handicaps App to calculate your Competition Playing Handicap from your Course Handicap.

Using the Handicap Calculator on the HNA App is simple. Enter the club and the tee you plan to play off, as well as the percentage (Allowance) for the club's competition that day. Then click the 'Calculate' button and the App will provide your Course Handicap and your Competition Playing Handicap.
If you are ever unsure of what score to enter after your round, we suggest you go to Enter Score and select Hole by Hole Results.

All you have to do then is enter the Gross Score you made on each hole and the system will automatically adjust your scores for a maximum of Net Double Bogey using your Course Handicap.
Incomplete rounds

If, for example, you finished a match play round after 14 holes, or were called off the course due to bad weather, you can still enter your Hole by Hole scores. Simply enter your Gross Score on every hole you played, press “Enter Score” for the completed holes and the App will prompt you with “Incomplete Round". 

If you then select "yes", it will automatically add par plus your Course Handicap strokes for the remaining holes and record your 18-hole Adjusted Gross Score for the round in the correct manner.

In an similar scenario, there may be players in a Match Play competition who, for example, finish the match on the 15th hole and then don't play properly for the remaining three holes. In this instance, because all Match Play scores must be entered, they should enter their Adjusted Gross Scores (hole by hole) for the 15 holes completed and then enter par plus any remaining Course Handicap strokes for the holes they did not play properly.

For example, if they had a Course Handicap of 18, they would complete their Adjusted Gross Score by adding 1 stroke to the par for each hole of the last three holes that they did not play.
Maximum scores for handicap purposes

Why do we use a maximum score on a hole? Why not simply submit our gross scores?
By setting a maximum score on each hole for handicap purposes, it ensures that the occasional bad hole does not impact a Handicap Index too severely or prevent otherwise good scores from being used in the Handicap Index calculation. This, in turn, will help to ensure that a player’s Handicap Index always reflects their demonstrated ability.

What is the maximum score a player can enter on a hole?
The maximum score for each hole is limited to a Net Double Bogey, which is equal to the par of the hole + two strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole, based on their Course Handicap. Put another way, this is the score on which you earn zero Stableford points.

Can you provide a practical example of this?
In this example, a player with a Course Handicap of 10 is entitled to one additional stroke on holes allocated with Stroke Index 1 through 10 on the scorecard. On a par 4 with a Stroke Index of 10, the player’s maximum score would be 4 (par) + 2 (double bogey) + 1 (stroke received) = 7. If their Course Handicap is 5, meaning they are not entitled to any additional strokes on a par 4 with a Stroke Index of 10, their maximum score would be 4 + 2 + 0 = 6. If their Course Handicap is 28, meaning they are entitled to two additional strokes on this hole, their maximum score would be 4 + 2 + 2 = 8. And so on.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at editor@handicaps.co.za if you have any handicap-related queries or questions. 
Quote of the Month
“The uglier a man's legs are, the better he plays golf. It's almost a law." – HG Wells

Swing easy!
The Handicaps Team