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  October 2015


Dear Golfer,

This month we communicate briefly on the options available to the golfer for the submission of scores for handicap purposes and also how this and a golfers choices affect the handicap system.

Handicap News

We excited to announce the roll out of the new terminal interface and phone apps within the next few weeks. Not only will these new platforms provide players with additional information but also help players enter scores more easily if terminals are unavailable following the completion of their rounds.


New Terminal 


New Phone App


With the introduction of the new phone app, the opportunity and ease of submitting scores for Handicap purposes is further enhanced. Golfers, having three platforms through which to submit scores, should not have any problems complying with the 72 hour time permitted for submission of a score and in fact, should not have need for that period of time at all.The integrity of the system remains dependent on the golfer and the assumption that not only will the player always endeavour to make the best possible score but also that the player will report that round as soon as is practicable, irrespective of where it is played. The accurate submission of scores allows for the system to function at its optimum and thus provide the equitable handicaps that we all strive to have.


We have once again received communication from clubs raising concerns over players that are apparently using the 72 hour submission period to manipulate their handicaps. The concern raised is that where a player knowingly plays a second “exceptional” round within their last 20 scores, the players are consciously choosing not to submit the score immediately in fear that the handicap correction could result in a reduced handicap for an upcoming round. Players are thus able to play off the handicap which they enjoyed prior to the exceptional round and this could have an effect on their competition score.


It is important to note that this is exactly where the controls available in the system should be used.


Not only is the “opening round” function an important tool under these circumstances but even more effective could be the opportunities created over the multiple platforms for the peer review system. Instances of possible manipulation can be identified and should be reported to the club handicapper. The Club handicapper can then use the authority available to him to manage such situations.


The success of an open and transparent system is only as effective as the collective responsibility of all involved therein. 

Quote of the Month


"Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five." ~ John Updike

Swing Easy!
The Handicaps Team