Cyber Monday Special !! - For one day only

Cyber Monday Special!

Join and pay on Monday 27th November only
- new members only

Membership Fee R750

Renewal month October 2018

1.  Do I have to join and pay on Monday? Yes
2.  If I join on Monday but do not pay on Monday do I qualify for the discount? No
3.  What if I am an existing member?  It does not apply to you
4.  If I join on Monday when are my fees due again?  In October 2018
5.  Can I join or pay now for the special? No
6.  May I phone to ask if I can Join or pay early? No :)
7.  Which email address must I send proof of payment to?

-Only applies if you join and pay on 27th November 2017
-Fees due in October 2018 for the following year
-Only applies to new members