Scores - Do you know methods to enter and penalties?

Dear Golfer,

This month we look at entering scores on the handicap system: how to do it, when to do it, and of course what happens if you don't do it on time.

Entering your scores correctly

It's holiday season and this time of year we see more golf being played than at any other time. That means plenty more scores are captured on the system and handicaps change more frequently. It's always a good idea to brush up on the basics of entering scores to make sure you are playing off the correct handicap at all times.

Where do I enter my score?
Scores can be entered at any handicap terminal (situated at any affiliated golf club in South Africa and some neighbouring states), online via the 'Golfer Login' section of the
website, via one of the HNA mobile applications, or by contacting your home club's handicap administrator.
(Please note that Handicaps Network Africa cannot enter scores on your behalf. Only your home club can.)

What is the time limit for entering my score?
All scores must be submitted as soon as possible after completion of the round. If you fail to enter a score within 72 hours of the completion of your round you will receive a penalty score.

It is important to note that handicaps are now calculated daily, so you should not use the 72-hour window to delay entering your score. If you have an outstanding score that has not been entered before playing your next round, you could potentially be playing off the wrong handicap. 

What is the penalty for entering my score late?
If you fail to enter a score within the 72-hour window period allowed for score entry, a penalty will be awarded as soon as your late score is captured into the system. This is done to ensure all handicaps are up to date and to stop people from delaying putting in exceptional scores.

A penalty score is the lowest differential of your last 20 recorded scores added to the Standard Rating of the course played.

Where the late entered score is equal to or lower than the players lowest of their last 20 differentials, the system will allocate 1 penalty stroke for handicaps below 4, and 20% of the players handicap for handicaps above 4 to a maximum of 4 strokes.

What can I do if I entered my score incorrectly?
No problem, contact your home club's handicap administrator and they will be able to correct the entry for you.

What should I do if I opened my round but don't have a valid score to enter?
In this instance where, for example, you played an unusual format (such as American Scramble or including Mulligans) or the round was rained out after only a few holes, you need to enter a 'No Return' (NR). This can be done during Step 2 of the score entry process and will essentially cancel out the round. In other words, it will have no effect on your handicap. For a list of what constitutes an invalid score, go to Section 12 of the
FAQ section of the HNA website.

Can I enter scores for rounds played outside of South Africa?
Yes, scores can be entered for courses that are not registered on our system. These can be entered on the system after selecting the 'Foreign/Other' option during step 1 of the score-entering process. Please make sure you know the par rating and standard rating (SR) of the course (to be found on the scorecard), as these will have to be submitted.

I am handicapped at a local and at a foreign club. Which handicap do I play off in South Africa?

You must always play off the lower of your two handicaps, unless you have been entering all of your overseas scores onto the SAGA handicap system and they are therefore being considered in your handicap calculation.

Please note that the onus is on the player to make sure that their scores are recorded successfully. They can do so by visiting their 'Handicap Record Sheet'. If a score doesn't show here, then it hasn't been entered successfully and it will have to be resubmitted.